Documentation for the C# command-line option parsing library

Parser.GetOptionDescriptions Method 

NOTE: This method is now obsolete.

Use UsageBuilder instead

Get a collection of option value, option description pairs

public NameValueCollection GetOptionDescriptions(
   OptStyle style


The style of options. During concatination, the appropriate prefix ('/', '-' or '--') will be added to each option name

Return Value

Collection of the options and their descriptions


Used to help print the usage of the application. This function concatinates the options together into one string that is used as the key of the collection, and then sets the value as the description of the option.

Example result:

Key  : -h, --help
Value: Print the usage of this application
Here, the key is a comma concatination of the options and the value is the description of that option.

Short names will precede the long options in the key.

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