Documentation for the C# command-line option parsing library

Parser Class

Class that parses the command line options. Use the ParserFactory to construct an instance of a parser

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public class Parser : IOptionContainer


Class that


Example class implementing options via attributes:

// Example class defining properties
class Properties
    #region Enumerations
    internal enum ExamplePropertyEnum
    #endregion Enumerations

    #region Members
    private ExamplePropertyEnum _exampleEnumProp;
    #endregion Members

    #region Accessed by code properties
    // Cannot be used by the parser easily, but can be used
    // by code
    public ExamplePropertyEnum ExampleEnumProp 
        get { return _exampleEnumProp; }
        set { _exampleEnumProp = value; }
    #endregion Accessed by code properties

    #region Options
    // Cannot be used by the parser easily, but can be used
    // by code
    // The EditorBrowsableAttribute is used to hide this 
    // property from code
    [Description("Show how to perform complex type option parsing")]
    public string ExampleEnumPropAsString
        get { return _exampleEnumProp.ToString(); }
            switch (value.ToLower())
                case "first": _exampleEnumProp = ExamplePropertyEnum.First; break;
                case "second": _exampleEnumProp = ExamplePropertyEnum.Second; break;
                    throw new ArgumentException(
                        "Invalid value for the example-enum-prop option");

    // Example of how to reverse flag-option values
    [Description("Disable debug output")]
    public bool NoDebug
        get { return !this.Debug; }
        set { this.Debug = !value; }

    [Description("Enable debug output")]
    public bool Debug = false;

    [Description("Output directory")]
    public string Directory = ".";

    [Description("Input file")]
    public string File = null;

    [Description("Set level of vebosity for debug printing")]
    public int Verbose = 0;

    [OptDef(OptValType.MultValue, ValueType=typeof(string))]
    [Description("Test option that takes multiple values")]
    public StringCollection Strings = new StringCollection();
    #endregion Options


Namespace: CommandLine.OptParse

Assembly: CSharpOptParse (in CSharpOptParse.dll)

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