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UsageBuilder Methods

The methods of the UsageBuilder class are listed below. For a complete list of UsageBuilder class members, see the UsageBuilder Members topic.

Public Instance Methods

AddArgument Add an argument overview to the usage
AddListItem Add a list item tag to the current list
AddOption Adds an option to the output
AddOptionsOverloaded. Add multiple options to the output
AddParagraph Add a paragraph to the usage
AddParagraphContent Add content to the current paragraph node
BeginArgument Add an argument overview to the usage
BeginArguments Begin an active "arguments" tag
BeginList Open a list tag
BeginOption Method to start adding an option to the usage.
BeginOptions Begin an active "options" tag
BeginParagraph Add a paragraph to the usage
BeginSection Begin a new section tag
EndArgument Close the active "description" tag and "argument" tags
EndArguments Close the active "arguments" tag
EndList Close the active "list" tag
EndOption Close the active "description" tag and "option" tags
EndOptions Close the active "options" tag
EndParagraph Close the active "para" tag
EndSection Close the section
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ToHtml Convert the usage to HTML
ToString (inherited from Object) Returns a String that represents the current Object.
ToTextOverloaded. Convert the usage to Text
Transform Convenience method for transforming the XML using a custom XSLT

Protected Instance Methods

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